Tuesday, December 9, 2014

At the Nebraska State Fair you can do so much more than just get heartburn from eating deep-fried bacon wrapped twinkie, you can see the cattle and poultry that youth have given all their spare time to care for, just for a chance to win a purple ribbon. You can stop and listen to a 4h presentation and learn anything from how to make a dress from a pillowcase and send it to the homeless children in Africa, or how to make a delicious banana smoothie. So instead of eating deep-fried food next time at the fair, take some time to look at the exhibits that 4-Hers have worked very hard on.

School is a horrible prison for our minds.

no school
eight inches of snow
freezing cold
colder than hell froze over
visibility under ten feet
55mph winds whistling
blowing snow everywhere

So Funny
Arrogant people being insulted with out their knowing
Really useful
Cus' beating people up is frowned upon
Annoying people being put in their place
Sarcasm is the human defense against stupid