Friday, October 31, 2014

OHS Ghost
         If your locker door opens and closes suddenly, without you touching it, you can be sure that it was the school ghost, Herman von hel Holm, or Hermy as he is affectionately known. Hermy graduated in ’03. The day after graduation, Hermy was out with some friends, and was in a car wreck. Everyone but Hermy survived. Now Hermy stays at the corner of the sophomore and main hallway, and in the lounge. In his spare time, Hermy sells Coca-Cola and candy to the students.
         You can recognize Hermy easily, because he is very tiny, standing 4’6”. He has brown hair, and wears a white t-shirt with blue jeans. Other than his size, Hermy looks just like a typical guy. He doesn’t scare anyone at all. He is a nice ghost, except for the fact he charges two dollars for a can of Coke. The only people he scares are dentists,
because they have to deal with the cavities he gives the students.
The teachers do not like Hermy because the students get pop from him, and the teachers don’t like food/drinks in the classrooms. The teachers try to get rid of him, but he dissipates when teachers are near. When kids are in class he roams the halls and hangs out in the shop in the cars because it reminds him of his death. Other times he helps out in FCS.

So, if you ever hear a locker door slam very loudly, or wonder where people are buying snacks in school, remember poor Herman von hel Holm.

Friday, October 17, 2014

         The Hallowe’en feast at Hogwarts has all the food you can imagine: bacon, steak, mashed potatoes and bacon, chicken bacon ranch pizza, chicken and bacon, cheesy bacon wrapped in bacon, bacon covered bacon wrapped in bacon stuffed in a flatiron steak inside of a roasted turkey, wrapped in deer jerky, drizzled in pulled pork and BBQ sauce covered in bacon and cheese. That’s just the appetizers, for the main meal there is: more bacon, bacon salads in a bacon bowl, bacon taco shells overflowing with bacon, bacon sandwiches, bacon and eggs, sausage and bacon, bacon soup, bacon stew. For desert, there is: bacon pie, bacon cake, bacon ice cream, bacon candy, and bacon pudding.
         For the d├ęcor, there is: hovering pumpkins, spider webs, lightning and thunder, bats soaring around, floating gravestones, balloons, jack ‘o’ lanterns, cauldrons, and spiders. There are Quidditch games, and spell casting competitions. People are talking to ghosts, and owls.  There are wand making stations set up in the great hall. Everyone is playing amusing wizard games. Instead of trick or treating people shoot candy out of their wands at other people.
 I think that Halloween at Hogwarts would be very entertaining!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"This petite swine went to the bazaar..."

 This petite swine went to the bazaar; This modest hog stayed at his residence; 
 This tiny gilt had a morsel of venison, And this minute boar did not have a bit; This slight barrow said, “Wee, wee, wee! I can’t come across my way to my abode.”